"As technology lowers, and in some cases, eliminate the bar for aspiring and established filmmakers, the output (films) will increase dramatically. In other words, marketing will be KING! - Romane Orlando Robb (Chairman of ROBB ENTERTAINMENT)


This is sort of a PSA for you stupid fucks out there. Don't ask me "what's up?", or "what I'm working on", or anything to that nature. If you know how to use a search engine, and you obviously know my name because you're on MY website, just fucking use it. Thank you.


Very fucking stupid apparently. Here are a few excerpts from the back and forth emails.


I have read more than a dozen different compliments about your team on the web and through e-mails shared by me with professionals from the industry."

Ok, cool! After that, I asked for the contact info, and I also asked him to send us a couple links to the compliments of these "industry professionals". It just gets more interesting after that.

I can't send any links because I did not store the the pages and only copied your contacts from them.
As to your website, I have visited them, but anyway thanks for forwarding me the address."

After this email, I knew something was up with this person, but I went along with it anyway, because I needed a blog post and this was too funny to pass up. He continues;

"It can be seen by re reading my last message that they were not persons but links, and the pages were not stored by me as I did not feel such a need to keep them for proofs for any reason. I am sure that anybody in my position would do the same. But, I fail to understand why it is of such principal importance."

He exchanged emails with links not the "industry professionals"? Makes sense? I thought so too, so I decided to call him out (confront his bullshit) with

"You know we figured you out right? Maybe you should've thought this through a bit? You mentioned "Industry professionals", maybe you should've included their contact info in the very FIRST email?"

and then this happens:

"Do not try to take a holier-than-thou-attitude after insulting comments. If I forward these e-mails to anybody, they will see the written words and find out about your professional behavior and how you been insulting right from the start. I had actually written only good about your company."

Too bad I beat you to it champ.

"You're the one sending around emails about references without the actual references". - This shows how judgmental you are. How do you know I don't have any references? Are you an astrologer or God? If your communcation was clear you would have got the refernmces in my 2nd reply.

"Stop wasting my valuable time."

He emailed me by the way. So he was wasting my time. A common mistake. It happens.