This is the classic example of why (most) people don't respect or understand what the hell a producer is, and what he/she does. This not only hurts (maybe a bit strong) aspiring producers but it also hurts power players when they're outside their circle.

This guy, Jason Brubaker, claims to be a "Hollywood based Independent Motion Picture Producer and an expert in internet movie distribution."

Nevermind the term he used - expert. That's for a different discussion.

The Academy recognizes a maximum of three individuals as a "PRODUCER" on an individual picture. And let's be completely honest; only one or two of those individuals actually deserve the credit! Jason takes it to the extreme. The pictures/films he claims to have "produced" have a minimum of SIX producers. Yep! You heard that right! SIX!!!!! One even has SEVEN!

This is purely for context reasons;

"The individual(s) who shall be credited for Academy Award purposes must have screen credit of “producer” or “produced by.” Persons with screen credits of executive producer, co-producer, associate producer, line producer, produced in association with or any other credit shall not receive nominations or Academy statuettes. The nominees will be those three or fewer producers who have performed the major portion of the producing functions."

I was taken back by this so I decided to ask him a couple questions.

Have any of the films you "produced" ever gotten any theatrical release?

Also, RATTLE BASKET, SIX PRODUCERS!!!!! Huh? Special dEaD has SEVEN!!!!!

Have you ever actually produced a picture? I mean six and seven producers on one (not even a theatrical release) picture doesn't say much for the individual.

Jason couldn't even reply to the questions. BUSTED!!!!!

VERY IMPORTANT: A film needs a maximum of three actual producers; NEVER EVER six and/or seven!


The best place to start is at the beginning. So first, let me define myself. Who am I? Romane Orlando Robb – filmmaker. More specifically: producer, director, and writer…. in that order. Why films? The bullshit cliché answer would be; because I love films! I also love food but I don’t want to be a certified chef. Do you get my point? Anyway, I chose filmmaking for two significant reasons. 1). I love to capture moments. It makes me believe in forever. 2). I’m a visual storyteller at heart. I’m the “let me show you” guy. And coincidentally, filmmaking satisfies both those reasons.

My journey in the film industry started when I was around 15-16 and bought a VHS camcorder off eBay for around $15.00. I would record everything in sight, with no care for editing, sound, and etc. It was fun. I was having fun. But as I got older, I wanted to make better projects, and use better equipment. This is where my t2i came into the picture. (No pun intended.) After I purchased my t2i, I thought it was going to be easy to get talented people to make great projects with. SUPER WRONG! I’ve joined and thoroughly searched numerous filmmaking forums, meetup groups, facebook groups, and etc, with little to no response. Either they’re out there and don’t want to collaborate with me, or they’re not serious about it. I mean, I would stay up until 6-7am (EVERYDAY!) sending emails, text messages, facebook messages, and etc to numerous people to little avail.


This is a collaborative industry, so I won’t stop “trying” to network. But I’m going to start being a bit more selective, instead of trying to network with everybody, which seems to be the norm.

P.S. If I’ve contacted you in the past in regards to networking and/or collaborating on a couple projects and you’ve never responded (or you gave some bullshit excuse), it would be a GREAT idea to not contact me now. I’m extremely paranoid, so naturally I saved all the names and messages of the people who never got back to me (or gave me bullshit excuses.)



Fuck Zak Forsman (for removing my signature numerous times! What a fucking douchebag), David Jimerson, and company.

---Quote (Originally by Romane19)---
Ok! To the individuals who find it impertinent to come to *MY* thread to post random comments; you know you can start your own thread, right? Please do that instead.
---End Quote---

I suggest a different approach -- explain in full what you're looking to do. Your original post is not clear, and if I may say so, your reactions in the thread make it less likely that people will want to work with you.

David, that was not the post I marked as the problem.
---End Quote---

I know that, Romane. I'm simply trying to get you to look at your own posts and how a different approach may have avoided the problems.

The post you reported is only a natural reaction to the way the thread was going. And to be honest, it may well have been sympathetic to you.

---Quote (Originally by and if I may say so, your reactions in the thread make it less likely that people will want to work with you.[/QUOTE)---

I would never *ever* want to work with the select few individuals who posted those pointless comments. That's the point I'm trying to make. Their contributions to MY thread is nil, so I would like their comments removed.
---End Quote---

What I can do is delete the entire thread and let you start again. Be more clear about what you're after and don't knock people when they do respond with questions.



Mike Cervello - modern day myth productions

Insulting! So I insult right back! There's a bit more to this conversation, but this is what pissed me off.

Mike: "It is a formula story that follows to many identical stories that have low ROI. ROI is return on investment. If you want to make a story that has been done over and over, find something that is a money maker you can get the rights to make."


"ROI is return on investment." LOL. Ok! Since you want to insult my

"It is a formula story that follows to many identical stories that have low
ROI. ROI is return on investment. If you want to make a story that has been
done over and over, find something that is a money maker you can get the rights
to make."

Mike, what's your plan for "I, Creator"?

And be completely honest; What is not "generic" about it? What's unique about
this story?

This is a feature film, I presume, what separates this from the other 10,000
feature films(http://robbcorp.com/photo/mass-audience-filmmaking)?

And in this case, what multiples are you looking for in terms of ROI (Wow! I
can't believe I know what that means)?

Oh yeah, Without using a search engine, define P/E ratio and EPS. Also, if I
have a put option on a stock currently trading at $5.00 with a strike price of
$17.00, what is my loss/profit?

He couldn't respond!


"As usual very professional.

I can see you'll go far. It was very funny to see all your new ventures since you last spammed me. Investment management, printing and beverages. Hilarious.

I look forward to your next ventures with bated breath.

rock on dude."

It's always funny to take a stroll down memory lane to look at all the fucking losers who doubted me. Keith Walsh is no exception. Investment Management, check! Managing a stock portfolio worth north of 250k. Ouch! Keith! Printing! check! Beverages! Baja Bob's mixers is doing pretty good in New York/New Jersey! And oh yeah, films! Go watch "DILATED." And look out for "CLOSURE." Use the website.

Of course I'll go far. I'm only just getting started. What are you doing, douchebag Keith? Don't worry, I'll wait! LOL

Fuck Wayyyyy Offff Keith!


To whom it may concern;

Most of the stuff I put on my blog is for other people in the same situation to use as inspiration in one way or another. This post is a bit more personal. This is a bit more specific.

I remember, not so long ago, when I would present people with opportunities for us to work on ROBB ENTERTAINMENT (robbent.com) projects which would be beneficial for all parties involved. And out of 100%, 99.9% of those people would turn me down and give bullshit reasons as to why. The other .1% that said yes are some of the same people I respect and admire working with today.

The irony is that; from the 99.9% who previously told me to “fuck off,” some of them are now contacting ME saying we should work together. This just blows my mind. Do they have Amnesia, or maybe Alzheimer's disease?

WHY THE HELL would I want to work with you now? You turned me down, remember?

Maybe this is the typical underdog revenge story, or maybe it’s something else. Whatever the case may be, I have something to say to the 99.9%; FUCK WAYYYYY OFFFF!

Romane Orlando Robb


Generally speaking, my profound weaknesses;

- Unable to forgive people.

- Unable to like people.

- Unable to care (or more to my language; give a flying 747 FUCK!!!!!!) about people.

- Unable to respect people.

- Unable to socialize with people.

- Unable to stop making fun of people.

- Unable to suck up (kiss ass!) to people.

Would I like to change.......?????? NAW! Not even a little.


I meant to say Brooklyn, but this so called "film festival" is NOT doing Brooklyn any justice.

Anyway, here goes:

The Art of Brooklyn emailed me with: Would you like a Press Pass to the festival?

Me: Yes!

The Art of Brooklyn: Please email us your full name and credentials.

Hmmmmmmmm, my bullshit meter just went off. You asked ME to come to your so called "film festival" and then try to give off this sense of superiority like it's Cannes or something dance.

Someday, I might have to option my blog for a tv show or something. This is too much!


Solvan “Slick” Naim or aka "Mr. Dumbass."

And ofcourse, his "Producers", Ty Walker and Johnathan (might be the same person), which is nothing more than titles. These guys know absolutely nothing about what they're doing.

Bullet points:

FULL CIRCLE: Thank you for your interest in "Full Circle". Right now we are in the fund raising process. Can you help us raise money? Secure sponsorships and investors?

ROBBENT.COM: First, how many producers are attached?


Again, three people with titles, not ACTUAL producers.

I checked kickstarter and.....

ROBBENT.COM: The project says fully funded.

FULL CIRCLE: Yes that's just for kickstarter. That was the very basic initial amount to get started and was a realistic number to raise in 25 days.

The actual budget ended up being over $110,000.00

ROBBENT.COM: That's actually higher than what I stated in my email. So we can start shooting. What's your distribution strategy (if you have one)?

FULL CIRCLE: We can discuss distribution on the phone with our other producer. $20,000 isn't enough to start shooting, that's our problem. Are you available at 1:30 for a conf call?

As expected, they do NOT have a distribution strategy, so basically another 1 in 10,000.

But, there's more.....

FULL CIRCLE: The Actual Budget is $110,000

Distribution Strategy: We will be working with several sales agents to license the film internationally and domestically. Interest has already been made.

Splits will be 115% ROI for all investors and 50/50 splits on net profits.

We have a near shooting script that has been copyrighted by WGA and Library of Congress through Solvan Naim.

Did you see that? Several sales agents! Net profits! 115% ROI! Interested parties for a low budget no name cast and crew film? A sea of red flags.

But, there's more.....

ROBBENT.COM: That budget is not realistic. I don't think you understand the economic climate we're in. And also, you might want to avoid using the "net profit" term when approaching people who actually know this business. We both know net profits doesn't really exists due to "creative accounting." So it's best if you stick to gross. Check out the budget and gross for these pictures below;

Paranormal Activity: $10,000.00

Brother: $10,000.00

Visa Dream: $1,000.00

Clerks: $27,000.00

I don't mean to use my economics term here, but you guys need some "absolute
advantage producers."

FULL CIRCLE: That's our budget were aiming for. At the end of the day I'm going to work with what we have. If we can raise another 10-20G's so be it. If you can help raise another 10 that would help a lot... If you can be more precise in what exactly you can help us with, that would help. Advantage producers meaning what?

Absolute Advantage Producers!!!!!

ROBBENT.COM: I never said advantage producers, I said; ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE PRODUCERS. Basically us, ROBB ENTERTAINMENT. The meaning is pretty simple actually. It means we believe is using fewer resources than other (un creative) producers to produce the same product. We clearly understand the economic climate. We're from the finance (hedge fund) world after all. Take a look at this chart and then really evaluate your strategy; http://robbcorp.com/photo/mass-audience-filmmaking?xg_source=activity. You stated you were going to send the locked script yesterday.

FULL CIRCLE: We still need to raise more money regardless. We're shooting the whole thing on the RED ONE MX. What would you bring as a producer?
Can you help us raise more money. You mentioned you could help raise $10,000 before. In terms of crew, we are now looking for an experienced AD, PM, camera AC, 2nd AC, PC, Line Producer, Gaffer, Grips, and Swings. We're looking for these crew positions that will work for food, proper credits, and copys of the work.

How insulting! You have a budget of $100,000.00 and you want to pay EXPERIENCED crew with food and credits!

ROBBENT.COM: Is this question a joke; "What would you bring as a producer?" Apart from the crew stated, isn't it clear? All the information we provided on how to be more efficient, which is the main responsibility of the producer. Also, apart from the fact that you didn't head a word I've said or the illustrations I've provided, it also seems like something doesn't add up here. You stated the budget is over one hundred grand, but you want EXPERIENCED crew to work for food and credit? Which is mandatory by the way. I'm not really sure how copies of the work would be an incentive. What is really going on here? The major cost in a film is usually cast and crew, but you want the crew to work for free and do what with the proposed one hundred grand? If you guys really want to make this film, let's be realistic and actually have a plan. A detailed plan. A detailed budget. A detailed presentation (I have examples but you might just end up putting it to the side like all the valuable information we've been giving you.)

And I continued...

ROBBENT.COM: "I know you had a chance to check out the downward pyramid; have you
> re-evaluated your strategy now?" No answer. I guess that means no? You claim
> to have a budget of over one hundred grand; do you have a realistic strategy
> on ROI? No more, "we have interested parties." Did they commit by pre-sales?
> I really don't want you guys to just be another one of 10,000.

FULL CIRCLE: I did see your "downward pyramid" and its common sense. It's not
some miraculous diagram thats going to change my mind on anything. I also
already knew about the small budget movies you named before. Thats well
known as well. Our other producer can bring on a whole crew already at
100/day for everybody. I said I'm looking for crew right now because im
ready to work with what we have, which is just the Kickstarter money. If we
get the 100 grand of course I'll pay them...thats obvious.
*If you can bring on money to the project let me know, since you keep
avoiding the question.

You mean the question I answered in our very first emails?????

ROBBENT.COM: " If you can bring on money to the project let me know, since you keep
> avoiding the question." How can I avoid a question I answered in the first
> few emails? The answer again is YES! But you still have NO strategy. I never
> said it was a "miraculous" diagram, but I know for a fact that you did not
> know anything about it. I even had to explain absolute advantage to you and
> you're a "producer" on this project. What is your actual strategy? Since you
> keep avoiding the question.

You dont know shit for a "fact". But here's a fact for you:
You aint working on this movie. Goodbye.



Slick, with a brain of bricks. Another 1 in 10,000.