Saaid M. Sabet

Saaid is an aspiring something (I have no idea what he wants to do) in the film industry. First he said producing, then he said directing, then he might as well tell me he wants to be a studio executive because after our entire conversation, this guy had no idea why he wants to be in the film industry. Here is an excerpt:

ME: Why producing?

SAAID M. SABET: Because i am new to this. I think I can direct, because it is just common sense, and I don't know any body more in-touch than myself.

ME: You are new to this. You might want to avoid repeating the statements in your latest email. You don't start as a producer because you're "new" to filmmaking. Producing is by far one of the most stressful jobs in the business. Different personalities clashing, financing, etc. And directing is definitely not "common sense." Like I said, you might want to avoid repeating those statements to people who work in the industry. People new to filmmaking start as a PA, not a producer. That would be starting at the top which doesn't really work in this business. Now I'm so so glad I asked that question.

SAAID M. SABET: by "common sense." I meant being in touch, have an eye for reality, and I think I am pretty good at that. Directing is to make sure movements(acting), and gesture are as real as possible, and I think I am good at that!

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but, and this is for anyone who is an aspiring "filmmaker", if you think that you have to be in the film industry because you love movies, sit down and really think it through. It's like walking down Times Square and seeing a guy toss fire sticks in the air and you become fascinated and want to do it because he makes it look easy. The guy probably took months preparing that act, and so is the process of making a film, only longer. It's not all glamour and fame. Again, sit down and think about it.

Tracy Randall, Ph.D., Esq

This is a pretty interesting conversation I had with an "Entertainment Lawyer."

ME: How long have you been practicing? And, what's the size of your firm? We're looking to add a legal rep to our team.

TRACY RANDALL: Attached is a little information about our firm/management/production company with that being said we are not just legal I would like to say that we are more of a business affairs company who happen to be attorneys. I have been practicing for 11 years but have been in the music/entertainment industry for over 20 years as a music promoter, recording artist, music publisher etc. We have a staff of 12 --- 4 attorneys and the rest are paraprofessionals, managers, publishers. We are a boutique firm and take on very few projects so that we are able to give clients the attention they deserve.

(Editor's note: He sent over a two page PDF of himself.....not his company.)

ME: We've read the two page bio. Do you currently represent any company in the film/tv industry?

TRACY RANDALL: Yes I have a new client that we took on about 5 months ago and was able to secure an option deal with Creative Artist (we handled the production agreements, Letter of Intents for that talent, secured financing for the film-- with our connections with Professional Athletes and other private investors) and now are in negotiations with Paramount Pictures for the featured film. With regards to any concerns you may have for our limited film/TV information in our bio we work with various other firms that work outside counsel to us with regards to any additional film/TV needs that may arise.

ME: The reason why I asked is because you're not listed on the IMDB website as representation to any company.

(Editor's note: Oops!)

TRACY RANDALL: There are many firms, agents and event talent that is not listed on many sites etc. that are active movers and shakers. However as per my last email this is a featured film that is in negotiations and has not been released as of yet.

(Me thinking: You represent the company but you're not listed because the film hasn't been released yet? That makes no sense!)

TRACY RANDALL: However, since you have access to IMDB you could easily find one of the those firms that is listed to represent your company.

(Me thinking: because you're BUSTED!)

Guys, a little research and they run for cover.