1). I'm working on two comic books for Robb Comics ( The Ghost Team and The Neighborhood.

2). I'll be shooting three spec commercials this upcoming or the other weekend. Super excited!

3). I'm on season four of my Lost marathon.

4). I'm currently in pre-production on a Robb TV ( upcoming series: Mr. Awkward which will be Chris Carfizzi's first starring vehicle. I'm very excited about that.

5). Yep! The two short films I'm working on are still going to happen!


I guess ignoring you is not working, so, for your sake, I hope this works:

To Robert Dumbfuck Conte;

You are a fucking idiot if you think for a millisecond that I would ever want to work with you again. I stand by my previous blog post and I would like to add to that. You are the definition of a loser. It’s no surprise that your wife left you (very smart decision). You’re not only a complete tool but you’re also a downright scumbag. One minute you want nothing to do with the project and the next minute you’re praising us on Facebook, while we’re laughing at how pathetic you are. Don’t you ever fucking contact me again. I am so serious. See you at the top, dumbass.

P.S. Yes! This conversation will be posted online.



This morning a cable station contacted me requesting an interview about my contribution to the comic-book industry due, in part, to "ROBERT CONTE: THE COMIC-BOOK LEGEND" on YouTube. I'm told it has almost 250 views!

I initially wanted to have you and Charlton involved in this project if it was possible. Unfortunately, the company that will conduct the interview feels its best that you, in particular, are not involved.

During my conversation with this channel, it was brought to my attention some posts you placed online citing me as "unprofessional" and actually went so far as to call me a "prick." They sent me the link and I just read it. The word "shocked" is an understatement!

Such posts do nothing but demonstrate your immaturity and unprofessionalism. As you will learn in life, things happen and, sometimes, people are inconvenienced. You were provided an apology for me being unable to attend that short meeting and you react with a web blast against me?

Based on your actions above, and your failure to fulfill your end of the signed agreement by providing me the raw footage shot in my store, I am going to work with another company on my auto-biography film. I am open to involving Charlton as he was very kind throughout the process. I have copied him on this message so he understands why I have made the decision I have.

I wish you well in your future endeavors.


Do you really think I would really work with you again? Dude! I've ignored all you emails and messages since the project!

The word "loser" is an understatement!


There was (not sure if they still exist) this comic book "club" that I decided to check out a while back based on a recommendation from Chuck. Anyway, before I met the "leaders" (trust me, they're nowhere near that title), I tried to have a conversation with them online. I wanted to see if they showed any leadership qualities. The answer is no! They displayed tardy communication, lack of organizational skills, lack of basic business skills, and an incredibly poor work ethic. #Robbisthetruth

Anyway, I went to the meeting and to my surprise, they displayed an even worse personality in person. Take everything I said above times 100......times 1000……times 1,000,000. One of the "leaders" showed up like an hour late. The so called MC couldn't operate a simple podcast. (I guess we know who rode the short bus to school.) It was horrendous just watching the circus explode with three sticks of dynamite. #Robbtastic

Anyway, I have to cut this short. I don't want to waste too much time on these idiots. We (Chuck and I) met Robert Conte there and we did a project with him. (Watch it on They did absolutely nothing in working with us directly on our project. They saw the completed project and for some reason expected something for it. You guys won't get dick! "We have no interest in filmmaking." So, why the fuck you guys suddenly want credit for our work then? #Robbismean

"We deserve a thank you for setting up your ENTIRE project." No dickhead, you don't deserve shit! Did you get the Producer? The Director? The DP? The Production Sound Mixer? The Grips? And spent weeks of pre-production? I didn't think so. Go take out the trash for your mom. She'll give you a thank you. #Robbthefilmmaker

What you deserve is a manhole to the face for plugging your tin cup comic book club on our YouTube page. #Robbowns

Pronto means prompt, immediate, without delay. You guys are the complete opposite. I guess it was supposed to be ironic. But then again, you guys are moronic! LOL #Robbwins


People these days!

If you don't reply to me promptly, you have three options:

1). Fuck off!

2). Fuck off some more!

3). Expect me to tell to you to Fuck off!

I would pick option one (1). I'm just saying.

We don't have to work together.

See you at the top!


I've finally decided to get a car. Why not, right?

Anyway, this happened;

2002 Nissan Maxima only 52,457 miles - $2280

Hello there,

My name is Deborah Collins and I'm so glad to see your interest in purchasing my 2002 Nissan Maxima is in perfect condition and runs great, has only 52,457 miles miles, it is automatic transmission and a 3.5L V6. There's no damage, no scratches, this car was never involved in an accident.The title is clean with no lien against it. I stand behind my word, the car looks exactly as presented in the presale sheet you've already received and I assume full responsibility if otherwise, Carfax report is also available by request. My car needs nothing to run, it's in excellent condition and has been extremely well maintained with a full service history. Bought it when I was serving in Fort Douglas, U.S. Army base near Salt Lake City, Utah. I have dropped my price to $2,150 (purchase price) since this is an Urgent Sale! and I need to sell it before January 17th when I will be deployed to Afghanistan with my platoon replacing the troops scheduled to come home.If you're interested to conclude this purchase in a timely manner email me your COMPLETE NAME, FULL SHIPPING ADDRESS AND YOUR PHONE#. I'll send it to Google Checkout to start the process and they will explain the entire procedure.The financial part will be managed by Google Checkout, which means that you will have a 7 days inspection period before committing to buy the car and the title is transferred. That way we're both covered throughout this process.Hope to hear from you soon,

Hope to hear from you soon,
Sgt. Deborah Collins

PS: for more pictures go to this link:

This person made a rookie mistake: full shipping address? Hmmmmm, seriously? That's like the biggest red flag stated on Craigslist.


Since this is my final email to you, I might as well put all the cards on the table.

I believe in loyalty, dedication, and integrity. These are characteristics in which you lack.

You displayed disloyalty when you decided to do the Ethan shoot after I had left. I was looking out for all of us, but I guess you had your agenda, just like how you stated you'll be the sound guy on Ethan's films to recruit people. Yeah! I believed that.

You claim to be dedicated to this industry but all signs point to the contrary. You have all these connections (most are unreliable, but nonetheless), but you've helmed only one short film and one commercial. What's that about? Also, like I said before, why didn't you just produce and direct a couple short films instead of using that money going to seminars and workshops? Wouldn't having actual work be better than telling someone you went to a workshop or seminar? That whole situation just boggles my mind.

You compromised your integrity because you didn't want to leave a "bad taste" in scumbag Robert's mouth. You probably did that because you think that's the path to success. Compromising your integrity is never worth it. I would rather be brutally honest, like how I usually am, and have people hate me, than pretend like everything is ok for the sake of a project. Don't compromise your integrity.... for anyone. And this is what I learned from being around and listening to people who have achieved enormous success in this business.

I setup your website, gave you two directing projects, countless industry information, bolster your IMDB credentials with credits, and created a production company logo for you, and still, it seems like I've done nothing. The whole screenplays fiasco aside, it's pretty clear that you never respected me as a filmmaker, I've known that since day one but since this is a business, I don't care. I know I'm very talented, and way more dedicated than most of the people that want to be in this industry.

Anyway, I sincerely hope your buddy and role model Ethan will make something of your screenplays.

See you at the top Chuck. Goodbye!

Romane Orlando Robb
(Chairman/CEO of Robb Entertainment)


Corey was supposed to RSVP on for a pre-production meeting on "GET MY MONEY."

COREY: Hey Robb!! I can be there! Was there a way to "accept" the meeting request on that page? I couldn't see if there was a way or not.

ME: Yep! You can RSVP. Log in via your Facebook.

COREY: I just tried and there was some kind of error.

ME: Let's see a screen shot.

COREY: Of,.... the error? I have too much to do, right now. Can we deal with that later? I'll be at the meeting.

ME: Corey, a screenshot takes less than two seconds. And if there is an error on our platform, we would like to fix it promptly!

COREY: awh man. you got me working! i have like 5 scripts to read!

There was no error! He made it up. Why? I have no idea.

The dude is unbelievable. He blew a directing gig because of his pointless lie.


This email from Chris is very funny. A few hours before this email, Chris and I was talking enthusiastically about starting a web tv network for the group, and then, he kicked me out;

It was nice to meet you. You have a lot of passion which is
great, and that will take you a long way, but my instincts tell
me that this meet-up group is not the right fit for you.

Good luck on your future endeavors!


The moral of this email; never let your guard down Romane. Never let your guard down!

Additional comment: Your "instincts"? You have zero credibility in the film business DICK HEAD!!!!! You're "instincts" mean jack shit to me! Go suck a dick!


1). Pre-production on KAVIKA.

2). Working on a comedy project with Dennis Gross, The Adventures of Catlady.

3). I started designing new stuff for TUB (

4). Get My Money is also in pre-production.

5). I'm working on two TV pilots: Dr. Normae and Rosedale High.


Nothing can be further from the truth. Networking is cool and all, but if you're networking with people who are incompetent and/or treat this industry as a hobby or side gig, then you're wasting your time. Think about it this way: you have a finite rolodex. That way you'll be very selective about who goes in it.

That's what I was told as a PA on an indie film set. I quit the next day! Treating people like shit because it's an industry "ritual" is just not going to work for me. It's absolutely ludicrous. You can be firm and professional and people will respect you. There is no need to scream at people and push them around. If the person is incompetent, then fire them in a professional manner, and avoid making the same mistake twice. Simple!

I've worked on pictures pulling 16-18 hour days. Am I exhausted afterwards? Yep! Do I get frustrated when I have to watch the director do a thirtieth take because he doesn't know what the hell he's doing? Yep! Do I have to deal with overpriced yet under-talented film school students? Yep! Even with all that, the term "hard work" rarely applies to this industry. I know kids that have to get up at the crack of dawn to work on farms, walk miles to get water for their families, and other HARD WORK! The film industry is mostly based on nepotism and who you know. I would never say it's based on hard work!

Most people I come across want to be in the film industry for the wrong reasons. I love movies! I have ideas! I've always been told I look like an actor! It looks fun! Directing is common sense! And the bullshit responses go on and on. I usually want to end the conversation immediately after I get one of these responses, and this is why: this industry is not "easy." It's not hard work in the context of what I've stated above, but it's definitely not an easy path. This is one of the few industries where some of the most talented people are out of work. What does that say about your chances, newcomer? This is my advice to you; sit down and evaluate why a career in filmmaking is for you. Again, no bullshit responses! You can just as easily find countless other "easy" things to do, and you can watch countless movies. Look at that, you're still a part of the industry.

There is no "path" to success. There is no special road to follow. Some people start at the very top (usually with money and/or nepotism), and some people start at the very bottom (usually out of necessity). You can start in one area and end up in a different one. i.e. Going from the production side to the distribution side. You can start as a production assistant or a studio executive. Again, there is no path to success in this industry. Be your own navigator, and chart your own path.