The Failed Educators

Think about this for a minute: have you ever stepped into a classroom and a professor asks you; what would you like to learn this semester? If so, does it happen often enough?

The concept of asking students what their interests are seems like a head scratching concept. The usual method is for the professor to force his/her interests down the students throat and pretend to care if the students like it or not. Why should they care? They get paid regardless.

The issue with that strategy is that it works against the one that is supposed to benefit the most from the learning experience; the student.

I call these "educators" failed because their methods of "teaching" is more narcissistic and self-serving. In other words: This is my knowledge and you, the student, needs it.

How about we try it this way: Let us, the students and the educator, combine our knowledge and resources so we can both gain something from this experience. I mean, after all, if you're going to force business majors to take liberal arts courses and vice versa, it's the least you guys can do.


A few people tend to see my confidence and ambitious nature as arrogance. A few people tend to see me as the kind of person that views others as disposable. A few people tend to think I'm supposed be the "norm"; plain, simple and complacent. I have absolutely no respect for those people. This is my self-reflection.

I know for a fact that I can be harsh, selfish and inconsiderate at times to those that believe in and support me and my vision. I know I'm not exactly Mr. Friendly because I have a tendency of getting right to the point. I'm also not one to easily forgive those that have insulted or slighted me. Yeah, I can hold a grudge.

In regards to those that think I view people as disposable. I tend to view people as either they have value or they don't. "View" might be a bit of an oversimplification so let me rephrase it. I tend to analyze the people I interact with. Is this person ambitious? Is this person intelligent? What have they accomplished so far? And so on. A person's thoughts and/or actions or lack thereof plays a very important role in how I treat them. My "evaluation", if you will, is never based on preconceived notions. Now on to the value. If the person lacks intelligence; has low to no ambitions; complacent; and so on, then that person has absolutely no value to me. If the person has great qualities but decides to start slacking off then I tend to erase that person from my life promptly and permanently. Keeping people like that around is toxic to me and I refuse to be the nice guy and allow it. If there is no value to be had then what is the point of further interaction? What is there to be gained for me?

I'm very impatient, stubborn, meticulous, confident, assertive, and at times, vindictive, but I strongly believe that those qualities also makes me so incredibly ambitious, intelligent, determined and relentless. And I wouldn't trade them for anything. This is who I am and I like to be around people that share those qualities. People that refuse to follow the status quo. People that want to set the bar so high for themselves that the sky is truly the limit. The infinite accomplishment ladder if you will. That is why I tend to erase those that I find to be toxic.

It would be absolutely insulting to end without thanking those that have been enormously supportive and who stood by me even when I wasn't the nicest person. My amazing wife, Naliesha. My mom. The Mikes. And a couple others that have stated that I've influence them. You might have had a bigger impact on me than I had on you.

Arina Pismenny - An Absolutely Terrible Professor!

A silly excuse for an "educator". Arina has displayed on numerous occasions that she lacks ANY original thought. How dare she call herself a philosophy professor! She's the perfect example of how not to teach, especially when it comes to philosophy. I've witnessed on multiple occasions where she has stifled any form of original thinking students present in the class. To add to her extended list of negatives, she's also pretentious and incredibly arrogant for someone who makes a living quoting REAL philosophers. She's an imitator, not an educator. She should never ever be allowed to teach anyone.

Finite Rolodex

Obviously, your path will differ from mine but hopefully you'll gain some insights into my process.

I've never been one to accumulate "useless" contacts. Useless in the sense that they offer little to no value to me or to us (if I'm working with a group). I view my rolodex as finite so I have to be very very careful with who to put in it.

A stupid person might read the above paragraph and call me an asshole while a smart person might read that and say it's actually a great strategy. And here's why; say you're at an event and you speak to five people and only ONE turn out to be serious about their business. Congratulations, you've wasted 80% of your effort. That's usually the percentage of "waste" in a typical person's rolodex. I'm far from typical. My rolodex contains reliable professionals that are dedicated and incredibly serious about their business. I specifically made my rolodex that way. I don't collect business cards. I don't randomly add people on social media. I'M NOT A FAN OF EXCESS!!!!!

How many times have you heard someone say this? I met this individual at an event where we exchanged cards and social media links...but haven't spoken since.

What was the point in collecting each other information? A stupid person might say; you never know who might be of help..."down the road".

I really hate when people say that. 1). If you're going to bet on those odds, you might as well play the lottery. 2). Having a rolodex with very professional and reliable individuals beat "down the road" contacts ANY DAMN DAY!

The takeaway: Build a rolodex with VERY strong contacts and eliminate the excess. That should be a key part of your arsenal on your path to success.

The Robb Family Legacy

I've been told that I'm incredibly ambitious. And I would strongly agree with that description. One of the main reasons why I'm so ambitious is because I strongly believe I can create a global company that is productive and efficient that also provides jobs for people all over the world. Another reason for my insatiable ambitious nature is that I've observed the generational impact an individual can have on his/her family. I intend on being that individual for my family: The Robb Family. What I intend on building is much more fulfilling to me than the usual accumulation of individual wealth. Some people may call it a dynasty, but selfishly, it's my legacy. It's one of my primary goals to have my family's name symbolized with success, wealth, aristocracy, philanthropy, and above all; legacy. I want the Robb Family name to live on centuries after I'm gone. This means so much to me. This, I hold dearly. This, I hope the future of The Robb Family will honor and respect.

And Here is James Samuel Ryan (a "filmmaker")

The ACTUAL conversation.

His Facebook message:

Carefully read his Facebook messages and the actual conversation we had. Noticed the differences between facts and fiction?

P.S. Actually learn the law before making very silly threats.

To Entrepreneurs

Distant yourself from the shallow thinkers, the underachievers who find success in mediocrity.
Raise your bar much higher than you do your glasses.
That way you can toast only to real accomplishments.
Success is only possible when you refuse to concede with failure.
You are the only person that can truly hinder your own success.
Indulge the naysayers.
Let their unrequested comments fuel your motivation.
Your vision engulfs their thinking.
Don't belittle them for that.
Indulge them and keep moving forward.
For only then will your outcome equate to an incredibly high probability of success


How To Avoid Pointless Conversations

If you're like me you have an intense schedule which means you don't have time for conversations with little to no value. Here are five simple ways to avoid pointless conversations.

1). If the conversation doesn't peak your interest within the first ten (10) seconds then it is time to walk away.

2). If the person is known for wasting your time in the past then they will almost definitely waste your time in the future. This means to avoid him/her.

3). What value does this person bring to your life? This should be very easy to answer. And your next decision should also be equally as easy.

4). Let the person analyze their own reasons for pointless conversations. Ask them what they gain from such nonsense.

5). Be completely direct with the person and let him/her know that their conversations lack substance and you seriously don't appreciate your time being wasted like that.

The Ultimate Form of Intimacy

Why is sex the ultimate form of intimacy in our society? 

Here's an example: A guy on a train asked his friend how can he be so cool with his girlfriend's profession. She's a stripper. The friend responded by saying: it's cool as long as she's not fucking them.