A Completed Puzzle

So yeah, I've liked you since that day in the breakroom of that shitty job we both shared.

I was enamored by you since May 4, 2015. And fell in love with you a couple weeks later.

The great memories we share, for which they are many, help to endure the pain we share. But like anything important in life; it's most definitely worth fighting for.

You are the missing piece to my always complicated puzzle. You are not only the future Mrs. Robb, but in a way; you're my past and present. I've always been searching for you. I've searched very high and unfortunately very low.

As for my ambitions; I know I'm an exceptional individual. And yes, it's very possible I might enter history as one of the greatest individuals to ever live. Let's be honest, there aren't many people like me. There are many people who talk about doing things but I'm one of the few that is actually doing it and then some. Ambitious, determined, driven, and dedicated are not characteristics you get to see genuinely very often. You get to see that in me every single day. How rare is that? You have those that have a spark for a minute and then give up. But as you've witnessed with me; there is no giving up because I have a more grand vision than the typical individual. And that is only a miniscule part as to why I'm exceptional.

I'm not saying that to brag or to stroke my ego. I'm saying that so you understand who I am and the reason why my ambitions are "all over the place". The good news is; you've always known this. This is very public information of who I am.

In closing; without you my puzzle is incomplete. And without you, so is this journey.

Mr. Robb's Interest

People I Study:
- John D. Rockefeller
- Irving Thalberg
- Warren Buffet
- Bob Johnson
- Socrates

Companies I Study:
- The Walt Disney Company
- Alphabet
- Amazon
- The MTA

The 100% Dilemma

Here's the setup: You meet a person who wants to starts a venture...but they want to keep 100% ownership. They want you to help them by dedicated time, ideas, and other resources to start and grow the venture...but they want to retain one hundred percent ownership. I find that to be incredibly stupid.

Who in their right mind is going to put in that time and effort knowing they won't benefit in the upside? The person asking for help with no equity in return should put a disclosure to the effect like; I'm not rational and should be treated as such. That way if you respond you know you're perfect for each other; both irrational!

I once heard a venture capitalist say; a hundred of shit is still shit. I see his point. Having complete ownership of nothing is still nothing. The smart people find a way to share equity with other smart people so they all can build a great venture and prosper while the idiots hoard every ounce of equity to the detriment of their venture.

I'm not saying you should give out equity without careful analysis but hoarding for the sake of complete control is completely idiotic.

The takeaway: 100% of nothing is still nothing. 50% of a successful company is still a successful company.