Trust & Regrets

I've made mistakes.
I will make mistakes.
I've trusted the wrong people.
That's my fault.
I've given up so much for those that use it against me.
For that I regret.
And I'm a man of very few regrets.
It's like I'm at poker table and went all in,
Only to find out that the game was rigged to begin with.
I will learn from my mistakes.
I will gain from my mistakes.
And I guarantee you that I will overcome it all,
For I am Romane Orlando Robb.


1). I'm going to be producing a play with Michawl Swiskay.

2). My future wife and I are starting a family Instagram page.

3). Rosedale Consulting has gained two (2) new clients.

4). Robb Sports Group (RSG) is brewing up some amazing stuff.

5). Pre-production has started on my new web series, Lyfe As Barry.


A long long long overdue weekly update.

1). I'm going to London on the 24th of July. Yup. I'm very excited.

2). I'll officially a venture capitalist once this deal is closed.

3). I bought the Sony A7 and have been testing it out with multiple lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sigma and of course, Sony. I'm using adapters guys. Come on!

4). I'll be working on a sketch comedy show called Lyfe As Barry. My current roles are: Executive Producer, Director, and writer.

5). Oh yeah, I'm getting married on July 23rd, 2016. Yeah to me.