New York Law School - Terrible

I asked them to withdraw my application and they have yet to do so. This school is horriblw. Avoid it at ALL costs.

Marlon W. Schulman (Horror Equity Fund) - Spam Bully

This individual added my email address to his spam mailing list and when he was caught this is how he reacted. If any one of you guys receive an email from his mailing list you should report him immediately! It is NEVER EVER ok to spam someone and then attack them for it. You have my permission to post this on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Marlon is a very despicable individual.

Meet Nestor Garland

I kid you not. I literally asked him one question: What are you working on? And that's how he reacted. It's pretty obvious that he will NEVER EVER be working on one of my productions. I'm still confused by that reaction. It seems so idiotic. I'm a producer and he claims to be a writer/director. It seems like a more collaborative approach would be beneficial for him. Ah well. The industry wouldn't be the industry without dilletantes.