Brian H. Robb - An Arrogant & Ignorant Tool

There is a whole lot to unpack...which I will, when I care to devote the time. But for now, here's the run through.

1). Robb Corporation, it's subsidiaries, or it's divisions are not in ANY WAY associated with this idiot.

2). "From a legal perspective". Hahaha. Enlighten me, Brian. He needs to learn how business law works. He really really does!

3). What's wrong with this picture? People, don't buy "likes". You'll end up looking like this idiot. It's way too easy to detect fraudulent likes and this idiot made it that much easier. He even "liked" his own post because I guess having ONLY three likes would look too bad.

4). No confusion. Hey Brian, no one, and I do mean no one, has and probably never will confuse us. You're the idiot that initiates internet attacks on people filled with ignorance of the law and empty vile threats and I'm the guy that's busy building his conglomerate. People can easily tell the difference between us. The emails are all in the open.

5). Hot Blonde?...Whatever the hell that's for. Huh? What? This idiot! Brian, you're such a tool!

As you can see by the emails (there are many more with him making more threats and misinterpreting the law) Brian has been harassing me and my companies for months now. I NEVER initiated contact with this guy. I had no idea he even existed. A couple days ago, after he started another round of harassment, I, along with my associates, blocked ALL future contact with him. It seems like he needs help. I hope he gets it.