1. - Started a stock portfolio at age fourteen (14) with five hundred dollars ($500.00) and a Scottrade account and grew it to eight thousand and five hundred dollars ($8,500.00).

2. - Founded a media and entertainment company, Robb Entertainment Corporation (REC). The company is known for producing films, television shows, commercials, book publishing, gaming, animation and more.

3. - Founded a management consulting firm, Rosedale Consulting Corporation (RCC). The company currently has over twenty (20) clients in multiple industries.

4. - Founded a food and beverage company, Robb Food and Beverage Corporation (RFBC). The company now has over ten (10) brands that produce tea, pretzels, granola, coconut water, coffee, and candy.

5. - Founded a fashion house, The Urban Blvd Corporation (TUB). The company now has over twenty (20) brands.

6. - Founded an ad agency, Robb Creative, LLC. The company has worked on over thirty-five (35) marketing projects and has over twenty (20) clients.

7. - Founded a real estate company, Robb Real Estate Corporation. The company invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and play other roles in the real estate industry.

8. - Founded an investment firm, Robb & Company Corporation. The company is a global thinking investment firm that invests in equities, bonds, venture capital, private equity, commodities, and more.

9. - Founded the philanthropic division of Robb Corporation, X Robb, in order to help make the world a much better place.

10. - Negotiated the deal to acquire a majority stake in Bonga Studios Corporation. A leading animation studio that is known for the Floppy & Duck and Argox: The Warrior God franchises.